Fix All High Tack is a high quality, single component joint sealant with high adhesive strength. It is based on SMX® Hybrid Polymer technology.


– High performance mechanical properties – Combines high stiffness with very high bond strength – High green strength, quick build-up of end strength, high sheer strength after full cure – Does not contain isocyanates, silicone, solvent – Flexible elastic rubber – movement accommodation up to 20% – No bubble formation within sealant (in high temperature and humidity applications) – Very easy to tool and finish – Good colour stability and UV resistance


– Sealing and bonding in the building and construction industry. – Structural bonding in vibrating constructions.

Colours grey, white, brown, black

Substrates: all usual building substrates, treated wood, metals, PVC, plastics Nature: clean, dry, free of dust and grease. Surface preparation: Porous surfaces in water loaded applications should be primed with Primer 150. All smooth surfaces can be treated with Surface Activator. We recommend a preliminary adhesion test on every surface.

Fix ALL® HIGH TACK Clear is a transparent high quality, neutral, elastic one-component glue-kit with a high initial adhesion based on SMX Polymer. This adhesive is ideal for all adhesive applications on both porous and non-porous surfaces.