Tools you will need:

. B3 3mm notch trowel
. Anglegrinder or circular saw
. Maskingtape
.  Siliconegun

Any commercially available tool (DIY-tools): Sawing, drilling, milling, cutting, bending, pressing. For industrial processing we recommend using diamond blade tools due to strong wear on wood blades. However, wood working tools will work. If masking tape is used, please make sure, that no adhesive is left on the sheet. So use tape with low adhesion and do not leave the tape on the surface for too long. Test any adjustments to the materials beforehand

Step 1. If necessary, cut the sheet to the desired size with a hand or table saw.

Step 2. Depending on the application, apply the sealer with a cloth or a lint-free roller.

Step 3. Mask off the edges of the sheet with masking tape to keep out any overflowing glue.

Step 4. Apply an adhesive suitable for Zamaratti sliced stone over the entire surface of the wall or the back of the material.

Step 5. Position the slate at the desired position and press firmly.


It is advisable to wear rubber gloves while working with Zamaratti sliced stone. For a full surface adhesion apply the adhesive to the back of the material or to the wall with a B3 toothed trawl (Do not use a smooth scraper). apply the sheet to the required position and slightly press it onto the glued surface evenly. To reach the best possible result use a level and work from the bottom edge upwards or for flooring from one side to the other.

. In order to protect the sheet, the edges on the front should be covered with masking tape before applying the adhesive. If larger quantities of glue leak out, these can be carefully cleaned

All Zamaratti sliced stone sheets come in two sizes 1200×600 and 2400×1200 mm

  • Click here to download the Specification Test PDF